The design process begins with a brief telephone call to Artwear Couture. We will discuss your needs and the time line. Since each garment is made largely by hand, sufficient time is required to order fabrics, schedule fittings and complete the project. Exactly how much time is required depends on the nature of the project and the choice of fabrics.

The next step is an in-person consultation at the studio. This gives you the opportunity to meet me, discuss details of your project and see samples and pictures of other garments I have made. There is no charge for this one-hour consultation.

Bringing pictures from magazines or rough sketches of your ideas are helpful but not required. The Artwear studio has an extensive library of international fashion and bridal magazines and fashion related books. Clients are welcome to browse through these for inspiration. Frequently, a design evolves as the process progresses. During the first visit we will discuss details of style and fabric choices. I have some fabric samples on hand, and am happy to order additional samples from a wide range of sources.

Once you decide to use my services, measurements will be taken and fabrics selected. My preference is to work with natural fabrics such as silks, wools, linens and cottons. However, many other beautiful fabrics are available for your consideration.

When the details have been agreed upon I will give you an estimate as to the cost of the garment. Clients can expect to pay prices that are comparable to those found in stores specializing in quality designer clothing.

Two or three fittings are generally needed. Depending on the complexity of the project, additional fittings may be required. As an initial step a sample-fitting garment, usually of unbleached muslin, is made. This allows me, to perfect the cut and fit of the garment and you, to preview the garment. That is the beauty of custom clothing. All the stylistic and fitting adjustments are made at the sample level, unlike ready-to-wear, where alterations on the actual garment often lead to a less than pleasing result.

To make sure that the finished garment retains its' shape and integrity, even after many wearings and cleanings, special attention is given to garment understructure. For me the inside of the garment should be as well finished and attractive as the outside.

You will find that having a garment made especially for you is an enjoyable experience. Whether it's a gown for a special occasion, an art-to-wear jacket, a professional suit or the perfect fitting pair of pants, you will have a garment of exceptional fit, quality and lasting beauty.

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